At Cort Academy we strive to bring change and innovation to the way youth soccer players train and develop. We focus on positional training and minimize groups to 6 players per coach, allowing players more time on the ball and individual attention to details. THe coaches we work with are former professional players and/or acquired a high level of experience in the game. We are dedicated to enhancing the mental, physical, and technical aspects of your game and chosen position.


This allows players more time on the ball and gives our coaches the ability to provide each player with the interaction necessary to develop the knowledge and skill required for their position. This approach
accelerates a players understanding of what’s being taught in the training session.


Each player has a responsibility in the team, to understand his or her individual position in order for the team to function at its best. Time and field space is limited for most academies to offer this type of training. Developing players in their chosen position is the core principle of our academy and apart of what we believe is currently missing from youth soccer in Nevada.

“Football is played with the head, the feet are just the tools” – Andrea Pirlo

Develop Game Intelligence

We use a combination of (motor learning) learning by practice and (cognitive learning) learning by perception and reasoning to develop soccer intelligence along with technique. Developing game intelligence gives players the ability to compete at any level.

About Carl


Carl Cort is a former professional premier league striker with over 18 years experience. Carl recently retired in 2014 and acquired his USSF B license. While coaching youth soccer Carl noticed players lacked a basic understanding of their position and the ability to combine that understanding with technical ability. Cort Academy was formed to give youth players the opportunity to experience the environment and coaching Carl had from his youth playing days to the professional level. Developing creative players is his passion.


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